Paso Fino Horses are considered, "The Smoothest Riding Horse in the World!"

These Spanish horses were first developed in the Caribbean from horses that Columbus brought to the New World on his second voyage in 1493. They were then bred at remount stations for the Conquistadors further exploration of South America. Paso Finos were bred for the rider's comfort--executing a natural, evenly spaced (isochronal) four beat gait performed with elegance and style!

Grove Creek Farm

Grove Creek Farm, established in 1983, has taken pride in being one of the premiere breeders of quality pleasure/trail Paso Fino horses in Illinois. Our horses have been bred and trained for pleasure riding in the natural outdoor environment, utilizing our 415 acre farm complete with pastures, timber, creeks/ponds, back country roads, wildlife, and Angus cattle.

Our Pasos have also been bred for smooth, ground covering natural born gait and speed. We have bred for beauty, conformation, people oriented temperament, natural born gait with speed, above average size, as well for the many beautiful and varied colors that Pasos are blessed.

The bloodlines chosen to fulfill our goals included the PFHA Top Ten Stallion and Hall of Fame inductee, Coral LaCE. Our first stallion purchased was Cantante de Omega. Our first Coral daughter was bred to PFHA Top Ten Stallion, Majestuoso. We then purchased a full Puerto Rican stallion, Juarez. As our breeding program grew, we chose three of our own sons of these respected stallions to carry on their heritage. Our final stallion purchase was a black and white homozygous pinto son of a multi reserve national champion, Pegasus Dos de Estaban.

Our Paso have been trained primarily using Natural Horsemanship methods which we feel bring out the best of both horse and human for a lifelong relationship based on knowledge, love, and respect.

2013 marked the 30th year with this wonderful breed.  We have been gradually scaling back our operation.  We are proud of the horses we have bred and trained over the years, but are especially grateful for all the many wonderful friends we have made along the way.  We want to especially thank all who have encouraged and supported us over the years. You will always be a part of the Grove Creek family. We want to especially hear from you and what you have done and still doing with our "babies!" 

Leonard and Michele Branson welcome you to come inside and learn more about Grove Creek Farm and the Paso Fino as a breed!


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